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Youth and Young Adults

Youth and Young Adult Opportunities:

Know.     Connect.      Act and Respond.

Know the Issues.

Living Justice Seminar Experience ongoing ministries of love, justice, and service through this annual event, which is open to United Methodists ages 20-35 living in the United States.

International Seminar Programs
United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs is a cooperative program that provides custom-designed interactive educational seminars throughout the year in New York City and Washington D.C. for groups interested in studying complex social issues from a perspective of faith. The program is the perfect learning tool for youth groups and individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of international affairs and how they relate to the church.

Mission Seminars
Join the thousand visitors a year who journey to the offices of Global Ministries in New York City to meet our staff and learn about our initiatives and goals through a Mission Seminar which can be tailored to your group's interests. Bring your group and participate in this free program! Read more...

Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence (SPSARV)
SPSARV develops youth and young adult UMC leadership by providing ministries of prevention, treatment and advocacy through response to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and its related violence. The mission is to teach United Methodist young people how to transfer the skills they learn as leaders in their schools, families, social groups and jobs and use them for leadership in their churches and communities. Read more...

Connect to Networks.

Participate in a nationwide 24-hour fasting program for youth and young adults during the season of Lent to raise funds for Advance projects that address issues of hunger and poverty. Read more...

JustUs Youth
The JustUs Youth network consists of racially ethnic Christian teens from around the United States. Youth involved are challenged to explore the roots of social barriers such as crime, violence and poverty. JustUs Youth then supports them in the creation of community justice projects which will effect change. Youth attend training events, developmental conferences and workshops throughout the year.

Global Youth & Young Adult Networks
The Global Youth & Young Adult Networks link youth, students, and young adults from the Wesleyan tradition, United Methodist and Methodist Churches with ecumenical and grassroots partners to provide opportunities for global mission education, peer connection and advocacy. The aim is to create space and opportunity for the development of young church and community leaders who are passionate regarding global ministries.

Online Networks

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Act and Respond in Faith.

Individual Volunteers
The Individual Volunteer program ranges from two month to two years and is designed for individuals or married couples. Participants typically serve internationally, language proficiency is encouraged. Individual Volunteers have a unique chance to become familiar with local cultural practices, make cross-cultural friends, and live in community with those whom they serve. For this experience it is important to be strong in faith and willing to share it with those who are served. Community Centers Be a part of a caring presence and safe haven for local youth; community organizing; recreation, sports, art, drama, and music programs; employment training; programs for juvenile offenders; and youth crisis counseling. Read more...

Global Justice Volunteers
Explore the links between faith and social justice by working with local grassroots organizations alongside other young people (ages 18-30) for six weeks. This global program will challenge your thinking in a cross-cultural setting that addresses critical community issues such as HIV and AIDS, poverty, migrants' rights and immigration. Develop critical skills, learn from local experts, and use your experience to identify and address issues in your own community. Read more...

Mission Interns
The Mission Intern program is a cross cultural mission experience designed for 20-30 year olds who have an interest in justice based learning. The first sixteen months interns live, work and study in an international context. The second sixteen months are spent serving in a similar capacity in the missionary's home country. Mission Interns focus their work on issues such as conflict resolution, just peace, economic development, and rights of Indigenous peoples and communities. Read more...

US-2 Program
If you are moved by hunger, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, children at risk, substance abuse, racism, domestic violence, health care and other social justice issues, you should explore the US-2 Program. US-2 missionaries serve a two year term with one of the hundreds of community-based organizations around the United States. US-2 missionaries range in age from 20 to 30, have a bachelor's degree or similar life experience, possess leadership skills, and have a strong passion for social justice. Read more...

Youth Group Mission Opportunities
Check out the "Youth Mission Opportunities List" to explore projects across the U.S. where your youth group can volunteer on your mission trip. All projects are approved by UMVIM coordinators.
Visit the Youth Group Mission Opportunities webpage

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