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Volunteers are important resources in all kinds of mission institutions, in local outreach ministries, in our work with our mission partners, and in our cooperative efforts with the ecumenical community.

The  United Methodist Church recognizes the important role of volunteers in enabling the church  in mission to the world.  During the 1996 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, a structure was approved for GBGM that makes Mission Volunteers one of the six  major program areas.  The responsibility of Mission Volunteers Program Area is to provide support and resources for all global mission volunteer programs including linking with the UMVIM program, as well as facilitating all the other ways that volunteers get involved in  ministering to others and providing service for mission programs.

Volunteer Connections

Explore some of the many volunteer opportunities that are available for individuals, teams, young people, and adults.
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Volunteer Programs

Volunteer programs through Mission Volunteers and UMVIM encompass a variety of age groups and interest areas.
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Why We Are Volunteers

The understanding that "we are called" and "we are sent" is at the foundation of our faith. The scriptures are full of stories of persons who responded to a call and were sent on mission for God.
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