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"The Missionary Voice" brings you glimpses of the life and work of a United Methodist missionary somewhere in God's world.

Carol PartridgeCarol Partridge

Relationships Come First

There's no such thing as a typical day for missionary Carol Partridge, whose work in Macedonia is relationship-driven and not task-driven.

Listen to this former Peace Corps worker talk about the importance of sharing a cup of coffee in Macedonia.

Macedonian people are warm, welcoming, and proud of Macedonia's part in the Bible, says Ms. Partridge. A Christian educator who focuses more on creative thinking than rote memorization, Ms. Partridge helps build the church through Bible studies and youth activities. It seems to be working--each summer 150 children gather in one room to attend vacation Bible school. Tune in to find out how this missionary and Christian education work together in Macedonia.

Interview by Mary Beth Coudal, Global Ministries staff writer.

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