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"Missionary" is one of the oldest and most honored offices of the Christian church, with origins in the New Testament. The letters of Paul are those of a missionary called and commissioned to Jesus Christ.

Missionaries witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures and engage in a range of professions and activities. They come from many places and backgrounds.

Global Ministries has strong mission "partnership" relations with autonomous and ecumenical churches. Approximately 17 percent of our missionaries come from our partner churches. Our missionaries are assigned and equipped for service on a truly global basis.

Missionaries are a tangible connection between the church and mission.

All faithful Christians are in a real sense missionaries. Those that convey the Good News of God's love and forgiveness to others near and far carry the missionary spirit within them.




Biographies and photos help tell the stories of United Methodist missionaries who have been commissioned by the General Board of Global Ministries.
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"The Missionary Voice" is an ongoing series of interviews with United Methodist missionaries. Audio files in both mp3 and Windows Media format are added on a regular basis. "The Missionary Voice" brings you glimpses of the life and work of a United Methodist missionary somewhere in God's world.
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Programs & Opportunities

Get Connected: Learn how people can become a missionary and Support missionaries and missionary programs through prayer, education, and gifts of time and money.
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