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Russia Initiative Newsletter

Newsletter for the Russia Initiative

This occasional newsletter gives up-to-date information about the Russia Initiative, which includes the countries of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

Russia Initiative Newsletter, October 2011 Part II
This newsletter brings to you the announcement of the new Russia Initiative Partnership Coordinator from Patrick Friday, Director of In Mission Together, Global Ministries.
Russia Initiative Newsletter, October 2011
With this newsletter I am announcing my retirement as Coordinator of the Russia Initiative effective December 31, 2011.
Russia Initiative Newsletter, September 2011
1. Retirement of Sabine Barnett, Program Assistant; 2. Central Asia Consultation – East Coast in Washington DC, October 6-7; 3. Mid-Atlantic Russia Initiative Mini-Consultation in Maryland, October 15.
Russia Initiative Newsletter, March 2011
1. An update of the Russia Initiative Consultation 2. A news release of the city closure of the Grace UMC Spring Center
Russia Initiative Newsletter, December 2010: Volume 6, Issue 3
1. Preparations for the Russia Initiative Consultation XV; 2. Partner support commitments requested for 2011
Russia Initiative Newsletter, July 2010: Volume 6, Issue 2
Features included in this newsletter: 1 - Bishop Växby's report on the 2010 Eurasia annual conferences; 2 - Observations from the Northwest and Central Russia Annual Conferences; 3 - Preliminary information about the next Russia Initiative Consultation in April 2011; 4 - The Moscow Theological Seminary; 5 - Russia Initiative Contribution Procedures.
Russia Initiative Newsletter, May 2010: Volume 6, Issue 1

To friends of the Russia Initiative. This newsletter pertains to the following items: 1 - An update on partnerships; 2 - The Eurasia UMC Road Map.