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Mongolia Mission Initiative

Sunday school class held in a tent-like structure called a ' ger.'On May 13, 2006, ground was broken for a new United Methodist mission center in the Chengeltei section of the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The new mission center will house the Chengeltei United Methodist congregation and mission outreach programs of The United Methodist Church (UMC) in Ulaanbaatar. It will serve people in this Gobi Desert area.

The plan is to complete the first phase of the building project by October 2007. Once the first phase is complete, Chingle Te UMC will move into the building. Currently, the These gers, round tent-like structures, have ornamental doors and decorations on the roofs.church is using two large gers (Mongolian tents) for its ministries. One is used as the sanctuary and the other as offices and classrooms. The second phase involves adding more than 8,000 square feet of space to the current building. This will create a total space of 15,500 square feet for the mission center. The addition will include office spaces for the mission center, an indoor gym, a shower facility, a multipurpose room for fellowship and special events, a space for the medical clinic, and guest quarters. The second phase should be completed by October 2008.

Mongolia is a nation of 2.4 million people. It has vigorously endorsed a democratic form of government since the fall of communism a decade ago. Since then Buddhism has again flourished and is the traditional and still dominant religion. In 2005, about 22,000 were Christian, a number that had doubled in the last five years.

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Photos: One of the weekly Bible classes with Sun Lae Kim, a GBGM missionary, at Chingle Te United Methodist Church in Ullan Baatar. Classes are held in "gers," such as those pictured above.

These Mongolian children sing and clap proudly in their red and white robes.

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