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Cambodia Mission Initiative

Korb Thouen cares for her pig in Thnort RorleungLooking to 2016: The Methodist Church in Cambodia

Interview and Photos by Paul Jeffrey
May-June 2010 Issue of New World Outlook: Romeo del Rosario discusses his work in a place still "learning and defining what it means to be a Christian."

Cambodia Consultation

March 31-April 2, 2011 at Wesley United Methodist Church in San Jose, CA

Our Work in Cambodia

Cambodia represents a special mission situation because five branches of Methodism are involved: The United Methodist Church in the United States, the United Methodist Church in Switzerland and France, the Methodist Church in Singapore, the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches and The Korean Methodist Church.

This international cooperation among Methodists is proving fruitful. In 1989, Cambodia had three Methodist churches. Today, there are more than 150 served by more than 20 Methodist and United Methodist missionaries, 10 ordained deacons, and 100 lay leaders.

One of the main objectives is to empower Christian youth movement through employment, leadership and Bible study. Methodists also help eradicate landmines, combat malnourishment, assist people to find employment, and teach individuals to read.

A Retrospect: Year 2006

Emmanuel and Beverly Barte, Global Ministries missionaries to Cambodia, wrote in an update sent January 30, 2007:

"The year 2006 brought us both joys and challenges; and in everything, we praise God from whom all blessings flow.

"In our ministries, we had new adventures: In the Faith Engine Ministry, we offered the very first mechanics training for young women. We believe this is not just new for the Methodist Mission in Cambodia (MMC), but in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This is one opportunity of empowering our women to gain skills and find jobs that were only used to be offered to the men. We also included basic English conversation and computer skills. Foremost, we continue to share them God's love.

"On the other hand, Christian Education Ministry celebrates the opportunity of gathering Sunday School Teachers from the whole of MMC, consisting of 150 local churches to train them with basic skills of teaching and children's ministry. We also rejoice on training our local pastors to become curriculum writers for their own congregations. We have started putting together a one-year Sunday School curriculum written by Khmer Pastors."

Global Ministries Missionaries

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* Missionary Voice Podcast Interview with Country Director Romeo Del Rosario

A teen aged girl dances a traditional dance.

Cambodian worship integrates cultural customs with Christian and Methodist traditions.
Credit: GBGM

Traditional Cambodian dance was part of the 2009 Consultation.Cambodia Consultation 2009

by Betty Backstrom
10/5/09: Bishop Roy Sano believes that God is moving through the people of the United Methodist Church in Cambodia.

Ministries with childrenYoung Population Represents Potential for Methodist Church in Cambodia

by Andrew J. Schleicher
8/5/09: Most of the 180 Methodist Church congregations in Cambodia started over the last decade.