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Preventing Abuse, Creating Safety

Safety, Emotional Well-Being, and Spiritual Health for Vulnerable People

A child's profile against a stormy background.United Methodists are concerned about maintaining physical and sexual safety, emotional well-being, and spiritual health of children, youth, and adults. Many churches have adopted "Safe Sanctuaries" procedures as one way to help keep young people from harm. Education and dialogue about sexual ethics, forms of abuse, and how to report abuse or misconduct are very important.

The following resources provide information and guidelines about some of the ways individuals, congregations, and church organizations can help prevent abuse and create safety for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.


Child Protection and Community Assistance
Global Ministries has a child protection and community assistance office. The agency is strives to conduct all its ministries, in ways that seek to ensure the safety, well-being, and spiritual health of children, youth, and adults.


Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Child/Youth Abuse in Church
on gbod.org
Safe Sanctuaries is about being prepared and thinking ahead. It is not about limiting your ministry. It is about doing ministry safely with children, youth and the adults who work with them.


Sexual Ethics, the Church, and You
on umsexualethics.org
The United Methodist Church maintains high ethical standards for ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, local pastors and lay professionals, and has gone on record in declaring sexual misconduct to be a violation of sacred trust and counter to the mission and ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Do No Harm ... Do All the Good You Can
on umsexualethics.org
"Do No Harm 2011" is a sexual ethics summit addressing the prevention of and response to abuse, misconduct, and harassment of a sexual nature, particularly by persons in ministerial roles (both lay and clergy) within The United Methodist Church. God’s creative gift of sexuality, power, and relationship offers the possibility of blessing or harm. This event will faithfully address sexual ethics in the church through Biblical and theological foundations, cultural, ethnic, and regional differences in contexts, emerging issues, and best practices for prevention, intervention, and restoration.
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