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The United Methodist Church understands health as: 

 John Wesley, in his book Primitive Physick and in his sermons, established for today's United Methodists the interconnectedness of health with spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. As a church, we continue to claim and build on that understanding.

Global Ministries facilitates the prevention, treatment, and advocacy of health issues globally. Its far-reaching programs provide improved opportunities for health and wholeness not just to individuals, but to entire communities.

Here you will find any number of ways in which Global Ministries can connect you with health-related ministries.

Congregational Health Ministries

Through health advocates or parish nurses (also known as “faith community nurses,” local churches can help address the need for more holistic and accessible health care services.
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Deaf Ministries

Information and resources about ministries with Deaf, late-deafened, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind members of The United Methodist Church.
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Disability Concerns

Here, you will find material on developmental disabilities, mental illness, creative writing, and resources in the area of disability ministry for individuals and faith communities.
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Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

The problem of alcohol and other substance abuse and tobacco use has reached global proportions. The United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations have been working on substance abuse issues in a variety of ways since the 18th century.
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Health Supplies

Providing supplies such as Health Kits, Healthy Homes, Healthy Families Kits and Medicine Boxes make health more accessible. It will provide an opportunity for you to be involved in a project that can involve people of all ages and abilities, and gives a hands-on mission experience.
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Today we live in a world in which five people die of AIDS every minute and nine people more are infected by HIV. Global Ministries has responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis through programs of awareness, care, and support.
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Hospital Revitalization Program

The Hospital Revitalization Program assists Methodist churches in Africa and Asia to assess the needs of their health-care facilities. It then works with them to improve standards of care, always ensuring that the effort will be part of a larger strategy of community-based health education and development.
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Malaria is an infection caused by a parasite that is transmitted by mosquitoes to people. Despite being an easily preventable disease, it kills more than one million people each year- most of them young African children. Malaria is a major cause of and a result of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Parish Nursing

Parish nurses, lay health advocates and other health ministers are people with professional training in a health related field who use their background to serve the needs of the church community.
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Preventing Abuse, Creating Safety

These resources provide information and guidelines about some of the ways individuals, congregations, and church organizations can help prevent abuse and create safety for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.
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