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Lighten the Burden III: AIDS / HIVCreate an AIDS-free World Through Action

This international AIDS Conference promises to provide spiritual and educational fuel for the journey as The United Methodist Church works to prevent HIV/AIDS.


"Working Toward an AIDS-Free World" is available as an online resourceNew AIDS Resource for United Methodist Churches

United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/4/09: "Working Toward an AIDS-Free World" is available as an online resource.


United Methodist Global AIDS FundNew World Outlook Magazine

November/December 2009: December 1 is World AIDS Day. The United Methodist response to this disease is the focus of the current issue.


World AIDS Day; December 1World AIDS Day: An Annual Observance

Find links and resources to help promote awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, compassion, and care in your congregation and community.

It is time to stop HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS Focus Papers

The HIV/AIDS Ministries Network is a network of United Methodists and others who care about the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and those whose lives have been touched.

The Holy Bible is a source of inspiration for all Christians.Worship and Devotional Materials

Stories, memorials, poems, prayers, and other worship resources related to HIV/AIDS ministry.

Stop AIDS.United Methodist Statements and Resolutions

A collection of United Methodist statements and resolutions, beginning in 1988, on HIV/AIDS and Christian responses to the pandemic.

AIDS timeline; 1981 through present.AIDS Timeline

The year 2006 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) report about a new disease, now known as AIDS. Global Ministries has been responding to the AIDS crisis since the early 1980s.