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HIV/AIDS: News and Resources

As part of Global Ministries' ongoing commitment to Global Health, HIV/AIDS awareness, care, and support are a primary focus of our work. You can keep up-to-date on the latest news and features we offer by subscribing to MyGBGM and choosing "AIDS/HIV" under "Topic"

Lighten the Burden III: AIDS / HIVCreate an AIDS-free World Through Action

This international AIDS Conference promises to provide spiritual and educational fuel for the journey as The United Methodist Church works to prevent HIV/AIDS.


Albert and Maurine from Kenya are continuing their education and doing well in schoolChildren Orphaned by AIDS Find Family in School

by Judith Santiago
12/1/09: Teens Maurine and Albert from Kenya lived on their own for two years after they lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, a disease that kills more than 33 million people worldwide.


Teachers in Sri Lanka during an HIV/AIDS training conducted by UMCOR partner Church World Service.Breaking the Silence

by Judith Santiago, United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/25/09: In Sri Lanka and parts of south Asia, issues of sexuality and HIV are considered taboo and are not to be discussed in public.


"Working Toward an AIDS-Free World" is available as an online resourceNew AIDS Resource for United Methodist Churches

United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/4/09: "Working Toward an AIDS-Free World" is available as an online resource.


United Methodist Global AIDS FundNew World Outlook Magazine

November/December 2009: December 1 is World AIDS Day. The United Methodist response to this disease is the focus of the current issue.


Shining the Light on HIV/AIDS WorkShining the Light on HIV/AIDS Work

by Judith Santiago, United Methodist Committee on Relief
World AIDS Day is a day when individuals and organizations worldwide come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic.

Ratna got treatment and care at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in JamkhedTransforming Lives: Health & Empowerment

by Melissa Hinnen, United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/21/08: Ratna had lost almost everything and was near death when she arrived at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India.

Pine Canyon CampPositive Towards HIV/AIDS

by Judith Santiago, United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/17/08: For those who have received this "death sentence" there is now strength, love and support at Strength for the Journey retreats.

United Methodist Global AIDS FundStepping Up to HIV/AIDS

by Judith Santiago, United Methodist Committee on Relief
11/04/08: The global epidemic of HIV/AIDS has robbed millions of people of their lives, their husbands, wives, daughters and sons.

4 areas of focus; healthGlobal Ministries Annual Meeting Highlights Four Areas of Focus

Global Ministries Board Meeting News
10/16/08: HIV/AIDS concerns will be a main component of a focus on Global Health in the coming quadrennium.

081003dlhallelujahmomentmozambique2A Great Day!!

Hallelujah Moment from Mozambique
Chicuque Rural Hospital celebrated 95 years of faithful service to God and to its community with a vision of hope for the future.
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World AIDS Day; December 1World AIDS Day: An Annual Observance

Find links and resources to help promote awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, compassion, and care in your congregation and community.

It is time to stop HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS Focus Papers

The HIV/AIDS Ministries Network is a network of United Methodists and others who care about the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and those whose lives have been touched.

The Holy Bible is a source of inspiration for all Christians.Worship and Devotional Materials

Stories, memorials, poems, prayers, and other worship resources related to HIV/AIDS ministry.

Stop AIDS.United Methodist Statements and Resolutions

A collection of United Methodist statements and resolutions, beginning in 1988, on HIV/AIDS and Christian responses to the pandemic.

AIDS timeline; 1981 through present.AIDS Timeline

The year 2006 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) report about a new disease, now known as AIDS. Global Ministries has been responding to the AIDS crisis since the early 1980s.

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