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Computerized AIDS Ministries Has Touched and Saved Lives

Once dubbed "The Electronic Church on the Information Super Highway," Computerized AIDS Ministries (CAM) went online June 1993, first as a bulletin board and now as a web site and email discussion list (2000). Over the years, CAM touched and saved the lives of many. The list was discontinued in December 2008.

AIDS Computer Bulletin Boards Gaining Popularity (1993)
The support forum of the Computerized AIDS Ministries Network, is one of the newest and most successful outreach programs of The United Methodist Church.
AIDS Widow Uses Computer Bulletin Board to Ease Grief (1994)
The widow of a man with AIDS, Debbi J. mourned in isolation--until she hooked into the Computerized AIDS Ministries (CAM) network.
Computer AIDS Network Offers Support Without Judgment (1995)
When Rusty first logged onto Computerized AIDS Ministries (CAM), she was anxious to find information about the disease but worried about having to deal with a judgmental group of Christians.
Welcoming Angels Through Computerized AIDS Ministries (1996)
At New York's Laguardia Airport, I am boarding a flight for Charlotte, North Carolina. In the evening, I will participate in a memorial service for Debbi Hood Johnson, a friend I never met face to face.
United Methodists Offer Electronic Support Group for HIV/AIDS (2000)
For seven years, an electronic service sponsored by the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries has allowed people with HIV/AIDS and their families to share feelings, offer support and exchange information.
"In Memory of..." HIV/AIDS Memorials
These memorials were originally posted as part of the ministry of CAM, Computerized AIDS Ministries. Many of the memorials were written by or about members of CAM.