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Lighten the Burden III: AIDS / HIVCreate an AIDS-free World Through Action

This international AIDS Conference promises to provide spiritual and educational fuel for the journey as The United Methodist Church works to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Today we live in a world in which five people die of AIDS every minute and nine people more are infected by HIV. The General Board of Global Ministries has responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis through programs of awareness, care, and support:

The United Methodist Church has been responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis since the early 1980s. Needs continue as the pandemic grows.

HIV/AIDS Programs and Ministries


Children Orphaned Because of AIDS

AIDS Red Ribbon ICHTHUS style Hundreds of thousands of children in developing countries are being orphaned by AIDS. Many of them are cared for by grandparents or other extended family members. The United Methodist Church is responding. Read more...


The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund

AIDS Red Ribbon ICHTHUS style United Methodists are stepping up to provide a tangible response to the HIV/AIDS crisis through the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund. This fund represents the commitment of every United Methodist to put a stop to HIV/AIDS in our world. Read more...


HIV/AIDS Resources


Global Ministries News, Facts, and Resources

AIDS Red Ribbon ICHTHUS style This page links to the many and varied web pages, news, and features that Global Ministries online offers. Read more....


Links: HIV/AIDS News, Facts, and Resources

AIDS Red Ribbon ICHTHUS style This Global Ministries resource page contains links to other web sites that contain valuable information related to HIV/AIDS and the global response to the pandemic. Read more....