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Ministry With The Poor

We are the Church of the Poor and those in Ministry with the Poor. Following Jesus’ example of servant leadership, those who enjoy greater privileges are called to walk humbly alongside those at society’s margins, listening to, learning from, and working in solidarity with them for the transformation of this world.

Global Ministries is working to understand and combat the causes of poverty through socio-political and economic research, advocacy, and action. This work begins by listening to and learning from those affected by poverty, those with firsthand knowledge of the circumstances and potential solutions.

Global Ministries is addressing some of the root causes of poverty in places such as Nome, Alaska, and Gorongosa, Mozambique. Global Ministries also partners with and provides financial support to the Move the Mountain/Circles Out of Poverty Program, a successful training, networking, and advocacy program that empowers and assists families in breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Additionally, United Methodist Women (UMW) funds and engages in countless programs devoted to empowering and nurturing women and children around the world.

What you can do today:


NewsGlobal Ministries News on Hunger and Poverty

United Methodist missionaries, mission programs and our mission partner battle hunger and poverty in sustainable ways.  Read the most recent news about this global issue.


Linda Kelley BakerRev. Linda Kelly-Baker and Side-by-Side Ministries With the Homeless

The "Speak About It" podcast series profiles people from communities that have received SPSARV grants.
MP3 Audio FileRev. Linda Kelly-Baker (MP3, 9:31, 128 kbps, 17.5 mb)

Thomas KemperMinistry with the Poor: Guiding Principles and Foundations

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UMCOR has distributed woven mats to families in the El Ferdous camp in Sudan. The mats help keep children out of the mud and thus improve their chances of staying healthy.Ministry with the Poor:
Part of the April 2010 Program Area Update

Beyond feeding and housing; Global Ministries strives for Economic Justice.PDF: Portable Document FilePDF, 7 pp, 1158K


Standing in line with your dishes is a too-common reality for children around the world.Ministry with the Poor:
Part of the 2009 Program Area Update

Poverty and hunger are being addressed in empowering ways around the world.
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