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Area of Focus:

Congregational Development

We initiate, facilitate, and support the creation and development of communities of faith that seek, welcome, and gather people into the body of Christ and challenge them to Christian discipleship.

Global Ministries is committed to planting 400 new churches and worship communities outside the US, primarily through recent mission initiatives in Africa, Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe. This work is supported by the new 400 Fund.

Global Ministries is also supporting congregational development by strengthening ethnic and racial congregations in the US, sponsoring academies for church growth in Africa, forging mission partnerships between congregations in the US and those in other countries, and sending missionaries to assist indigenous leaders in starting and nurturing new churches.

What you can do today:


Amen.Academy for Church Growth Hears Calls for an "Evangelical Missiology"

by Phileas Jusu and Kelvin Sauls
10/6/09: Twenty people from West Africa learned to effectively respond to shifting religious and social needs.


News News and Features about Church Planting and Revitalizing Existing Congregations

Stories, events, and resources to assist and inspire church leaders.


A newCongregational Development:
Part of the April 2010 Program Area Update

Across the miles and around the world, people are finding Christ's love.
PDF: Portable Document FileCongregational Development (PDF, 5 pp, 1089 K)


Diversity in a congregation provides a rich experience.Congregational Development: Part of the 2009 Program Area Update

Global Ministries resources the Church for growth.  Read how people around the world are connecting with their communities.

PDF: Portable Document FilePDF: 8 pp, 2.92 M