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Pioneer Evangelism

"And they went out and proclaimed the good news everywhere." Mark 16:20a

There are many volunteers and people in grassroots groups lending a hand and making connections. Collaboration enlivens the work of faith communities.

Global Ministries encourages and equips individuals and congregations to share the good news with all. From Kansas to Poland, Senegal to Cambodia, Chile to Maine, the connection remains strong as the church grows and responds to God's mission. With a variety of resources, church partnerships span oceans and continents supporting each other in their faithful witness to God's goodness and love.

In Mission Together

This partnership program is designed to assist churches to engage in shared mission and ministry with a developing congregation or in the development of a relationship that could lead to a new congregation.
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Mission Initiatives

More than 800 United Methodist churches in the United States are connected to congregations in all part of the world as mission partners. In these mission relationships new churches are established and existing ones are strengthened.
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Children's Sunday School Curriculum

Resources, curriculum, and activity ideas for use in the emerging and re-emerging church and are available for download at no charge. Provided by the Mission Education unit.
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