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World Communion Scholarships

The World Communion Scholarship Program enables persons from churches in nations other than the United States and from ethnic and racial minorities in the United States to prepare for leadership in the mission of their churches and societies upon completion of their studies. This is done through providing financial support to students in their master's, doctoral and professional level studies at universities or seminaries.

The World Communion Scholarship Program is highly selective, with approximately 5-10 new international (non-US) recipients each year from around the world. The scholarship range is from $250 US - $12,500 US, depending on the students' needs and the school expenses. The specific financial request must be substantiated by an official school budget.

The objective of funding these individuals is to support the education of students who will return to their communities to work in furthering Christian mission, whether that be in the local church, the neighborhood clinic, the state rural development office or the national office on education.