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Education in Afghanistan: Girls study under a tree.Girls in Afghanistan who, under Taliban rule could not receive an education, are now attending outdoor classes while school buildings are being reconstructed. Credit: David Wildman.

Whether in formal or informal settings, education is a powerful way of sharing God's love. The General Board of Global Ministries actively encourages education as mission work.

The United Methodist Church has long held that knowledge and devotion to Christ are inextricably linked. This can be seen by the numbers of primary, elementary, and high schools, colleges and universities have been founded by Methodists since 1739.

In many places, education was the primary work deemed acceptable for a female missionary. Educational buildings and institutions around the world carry the name of the missionary who started them.

"One of the founding principles of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society in 1869 was that women and girls around the world should be educated to be leaders within their countries to change the lives of women, their families, and their societies. Education was an acceptable form of evangelism for young women missionaries, so the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society sent out hundreds of single, well-educated women who founded primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher learning." -  Joyce D. Sohl. "Education as Mission," Response, March 2001.

Education is one more way that Global Ministries is "Connecting the Church in Mission." You can discover the ways that this mission work continues.

Evangelism and Church Growth Training

These are some of the educational opportunities: Discovery Church Journey; National Lay Speaking School for United Methodist Native Americans; School of Congregational Development.
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Grants and Scholarships

1. Dora Ames Lee Leadership Development Fund 2. The Hispanic Leadership Development Fund 3. Harry R. Kendall Hospital and Home Fund
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Global Ministries supports literacy work around the world.
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Mission Education

In today's world, mission education takes place in an environment of mutual learning with mission partners.
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Schools, Colleges, & Universities

The "Caring Connection" of National Missions Institutions related to the General Board of Global Ministries includes 103 institutions across the United States.
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