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Communities and Congregations

United Methodist congregations, programs, andĀ institutions serveĀ communities in many critical ways.

Global Ministries helps establish new churches and faith communities, train leaders, and strengthen and renew existing congregations which, in turn, strengthen communities. Similarly, Global Ministries-supported community centers, schools and colleges, residential child care centers, women's residences, and mission complexes enhance their communities.

Lives of people are touched daily - connected in mission to The United Methodist Church through Global Ministries.

Church Loans

The United Methodist Development Fund provides first mortgage loans for United Methodist churches, districts, city societies, district unions, and conference church extension societies for new construction, renovations, additions, relocations, and parsonages.
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Community Centers, Other US Institutions

National mission institutions located across the United States include community centers, schools, colleges, health care facilities and women's residences.
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Community Developers Program

The Community Developers Program is a network of racial-ethnic congregations and communities throughout the country that demonstrates a commitment to systemic change.
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National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country Ministry

With its passage of the Action Plan of the National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country Ministry in the United States the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church accepted the invitation to change the general view of town and country churches from being problems to being assets.
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Urban Ministries / Holy Boldness

Many are also responding to drug abuse, poverty, crime and violence, poor education, substandard housing and other urban challenges through opportunities for dynamic ministry.
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