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The Work of Global Ministries


The scope of United Methodist global ministries is mind- and heart-stretching. The widest horizons of human need are the ordinary boundaries of Christian mission.


God is Good: these 2 smiling boys have much to be thankful for.Four Mission Goals

1: Make Disciples of Jesus Christ; 2: Strengthen, Develop and Renew Christian Congregations and Communities; 3: Alleviate Human Suffering; 4: Seek Justice, Freedom and Peace.

two hands next to each other resemble a heartCommunities and Congregations

The work of local congregations and other United Methodist institutions in communities is a significant mission connection.


An African boy at his desk.Education

Whether in formal or informal settings, education is a powerful way of sharing God's love. The General Board of Global Ministries actively encourages education as mission work.

A man appears bewildered standing in a pile of rubble.Emergencies

The programs of Global Ministries are involved in emergency response globally, working on long-term recovery as well as immediate relief.


Snowy MountainsEnvironment

Being faithful requires just and right relationships with God, other human beings, and the rest of creation.

Ethnic Ministries; Multi Ethnic children in different colored t-shirts.Ethnic Ministries

Global Ministries administers three of The United Methodist Church's five ethnic/language ministry plans in the United States.


A woman is having her blood pressure taken.Health

Global Ministries facilitates the prevention, treatment, and advocacy of health issues globally. Here you will find any number of ways in which Global Ministries can connect you with health-related ministries.

A woman helps the toddler on her lap eat a bowl of oatmeal.Hunger/Poverty

Mobilization of resources through United Methodist connections brings us closer to our goal of eradicating the root causes of hunger and poverty.