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Mission Study Resources

Mission Study Resources

Members of the United Methodist Women in Yei, Southern Sudan, pray in a circle after working together to prepare a plot of land for planting vegetables-all part of a food security project for the group. Many of them widows, the women live precariously but at peace after having returned from refugee camps in neighboring Uganda and the Congo in recent years. A 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement laid the foundations for peace in Sudan's south after decades of war. Photo by Paul Jeffrey.


Materials from United Methodist Women

Selected Reading

pdf "Women in Southern Sudan: Claiming a Peace Dividend," by Paul Jeffrey for Response Magazine, April 2009. (PDF, 1M)

pdfAfrican Americans: Standing Vigil for Darfur,” by Yvette Moore for Response Magazine, April 2009. (PDF, 486K)

pdfRape: A Tool of War in Sudan,” by Paul Jeffrey for Response Magazine, October 2005. (PDF, 1.4M)

Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey, Where Mercy Fails: Darfur’s Struggle to Survive. Order from Amazon.com

The Wars of Sudan” by Alex De Waal. From The Nation, March 19, 2007.

Selected Podcasts

musInterview with Edina Tumalu (below), the United Methodist Women president in Southern Sudan (MP3, 17.9MB)

Edina Tumalu

Photo by Paul Jeffrey

mus Mankaro school children singing in Southern Sudan (MP3, 13MB)

mus Pasik singing (MP3, 6MB)

mus Yei United Methodist Church children singing (MP3, 1.6MB)

Selected Videos
Touch the World, Touch Sudan,” produced by the Program Committee on Education for Mission of the National Council of Churches of Christ. View online.

Interviews, facts, maps and sites from National Geographic.

Gifts of Hope: UMCOR in Darfur,” DVD produced by UMCOR General Board of Global Ministries.

Physicians for Human Rights created Darfuriwomen.org, showcasing videos of the women of Darfur and their experiences. 

The Sounds of Sudan
These recordings have a way of reminding us that one day, peace and reconciliation might be realities in all of Sudan, north and south, and people will be able to return to their ancestral homes as so many of them say they wish to do.

Salma el Assal, the “Aretha Franklin of Sudan,” on Youtube.

Sudan: Desert Rhythms and Savannah Harmonies. The Rough Guide to the Music of Sudan, produced by World Music Network, 2005. This album of desert rhythms has tracks that resemble the music of drummers and singers at El Ferdous, a camp for internally displaced persons in South Darfur.

Hear music selected by National Geographic.

Sudanese Music Online. The Smithsonian Folkways web site offers downloads of Sudanese music for a modest fee.

Dinka music online at Smithsonian

Women’s music online at Smithsonian

Images of Sudan
The beauty and complexity of Sudan in pictures by Paul Jeffrey, United Methodist missionary whose calling as a photojournalist leads him to the world’s hot spots. See photo galleries online.

Photos by Paul Jeffrey:



Sudan’s antiquity, in pictures: the pyramids of Meroë.

United Methodist Statements on Sudan
United Methodist reports, resolutions and statements on Darfur/Sudan, from General Conferences 2004 and 2008. Read the full texts.

Global Church Statements on Sudan
World Council of Churches. “Executive Committee Statement on Sudan.” Issued at Geneva May 19, 2006.

Peace in Sudan May Take a Long Time.” Interview with Marina Peter, WCC Sudan expert, by Juan Michel. World Council of Churches feature released July 31, 2008.


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