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Greetings! Welcome to your new e-store resources page!

Our goal is to make ordering as simple as possible. Use the new site - umwmissionresources.org - to place all of your orders and United Methodist Women will not be billed processing fees.

Your new customer service team is waiting for your call if you have any special needs or requests. Please call 1-800-305-9857 to reach them.

Selby Ewing, United Methodist Women Director of Communications, is ready to help you with ordering, feedback, and general questions. Contact her at sewing@unitedmethodistwomen.org.

Getting mission resources to members is what you do, and we are your partner, making more mission possible for women, children and youth down the street and around the world.

Contact United Methodist Women Mission Resources

Customer Service: 800-305-9857

Customer Service Fax: 770-280-0061

Email Address: cs@umwmissionresources.org

Hours of Operation: 8:00am to 6:00pm EST Monday through Friday

Please use the following address to mail in orders: 

United Methodist Women
P.O. Box 742349
Atlanta, GA 30374-2349

Checks can be made out to "United Methodist Women."

First order shipped from new resources center on Jan. 8


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