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  • Korean PDF - Responsively Yours: A Peek Into the Gender Gap by Harriett Jane Olson
    06/01/2012 Korean version of the monthly installment by Harriett Jane Olson. At election time, the term “gender gap” implies that male voters are the norm and women voters are different. Why not analyze how men come to decisions?
  • Korean PDF - Responsively Yours: Resources and Activism Needed
    05/01/2012 As Leymah Gbowee traveled in the United States, she came to know that there is plenty of poverty in this country. Ms. Gbowee’s observation was: “It seems to me that in Africa we have activism, but we lack resources, while in the United States, you have resources but lack activism.”
  • Cordialmente Suya: Audio - A Nadie le Gusta una Pared que Separa by /por Harriett Jane Olson
    01/01/2012 “No le demos excesivo poder a una pared. Las fronteras cambian. Las alianzas cambian. Sólo el amor de Dios se mantiene firme. En este año nuevo, soñemos con la paz, pero también comprometámonos nuevamente a trabajar por la paz y a declarar el mensaje del amor de Dios a todos los pueblos de la tierra”.
  • Responsively Yours: Korean PDF - No Time for Business as Usual by Harriett Jane Olson
    11/01/2011 As the sun declined in the sky small groups of women moved from seminar and meeting rooms to collect scarves and sweaters before the next session at the 12th World Assembly of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women in Johannesburg, South Africa, Aug. 10-15.

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