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Voter Suppression Lament

Election 2012

By Gladys B. Hubbard

Gladys Hubbard is a member of United Methodist Women from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. She serves on United Methodist Women's Program Advisory Board.

Dear Lord,

Your word proclaims freedom for all of your children.
How do we allow the powers of some people to affect the right to vote in this upcoming presidential election for others?
Hear this cry of justice,
For every person’s right to vote.
Embolden United Methodist Women to speak truth to power across the United States with special attention in the nineteen states that have passed draconian voter ID laws.
Lord let us begin our efforts to provide information and access for all persons in our conferences, districts and local United Methodist Women to vote in this critical election.
Give us collective and individual voices to speak boldly that every presidential and congressional vote must be cast and counted.
Let our United Methodist Women voices be the Clarion Call for justice for all of your children.
Our plea is for discernment to put faith, hope and love in action as we advocate for justice in voter participation.
This is our prayer for passionate advocacy and transformative change of unfair voter ID policies and systems.

Last Updated: 04/08/2014

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