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Carbon Footprint Toolkit

What Can I Do as Part of My Annual Conference?

Talk with the bishop and conference staff
Bishops need support and help. All the United Methodist episcopal offices pledged to measure their carbon footprint and begin to reduce it. Why not inquire where your conference is in this process? What can you do to help?

Christ United Methodist church in Texas is LEED certified.
Green can be gorgeous: Christ United Methodist Church melds traditional elements with modern technology.

Check out your nearest United Methodist camp or conference center
Several United Methodist camp and conference center directors are helping lead the way in our denomination related to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrating other forms of Creation Care. Inquire what your nearest facility has done and how you might help it take other steps to educate and demonstrate faithful living.

Host a workshop or networking session at an upcoming conference gathering
Making change is easier and more fun when it is done together. Take the initiative to invite representatives from various churches in your conference to talk about what they are doing and the challenges and opportunities for collaboration in reducing your footprint. Plan a “mission visit” to a community that stands to be hit hard by climate change.

Christ United Methodist church in Texas is LEED certified.
Christ United Methodist Church in Texas is LEED certified.

Arrange a tour of a LEED (Leading in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building. (Contact the U.S. Green Building Council or a local chapter of the American Institute of Architects to find the nearest LEED certified building.)

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Last Updated: 04/09/2014

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