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Bible Study

Judges 19

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

By Glory E. Dharmaraj

A bible study on Judges 19 for Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11.


Reflection Questions

  1. What did you hear in this narration?
  2. Who are the characters in this story?
  3. What are the key themes in this story?
  4. Who is the perpetrator? Are there more than one?
  5. Let us look at the story through the eyes of the woman. What do you know about the woman who underwent this horrible violence?
  6. Do we have women like the one that we come across in this story?
  7. Where is God in the story?
  8. Look at the last verse, Judges 19: 30b. “Consider it, take counsel, and speak out.”
  9. Who are the listeners of the story today?
  10. How should we speak out in today’s context?

Visit United Methodist Women's human trafficking webpage and go through the materials posted on this day. Look at some of the actions that we can do in order to address the issue of human trafficking today. 

Last Updated: 03/17/2014

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