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Prayers for Sudan

United Methodist Women members are invited to join with people from all over the world in an ecumenical effort to raise our voices and offer our prayers for the sake of the Sudanese people, for the uniting of the strong peacemakers in Sudan and for peace among differences of region and religion.

In 2009 and 2010, United Methodist Women members and friends studied Sudan and learned of the political, economic and religious complexities in that region of the world. In January 2011, South Sudan voted to become independent from the North. This independence is to go into effect fully July 9, 2011. As this date approaches, there has been renewed violence of every type, including bombings and face-to-face combat, and has resulted in many men, women and children fleeing from homes into the hills.

Please pray that North and South Sudan will find ways to move forward together that will bring an end to violence. The disruption of peoples’ lives, the inability to survive and thrive in a good and secure land is devastating. Pray that the people of Sudan taste God’s love and know that violence is not the way for either Muslim or Christian, and for God to help them move in the ways that lead to peace. Amen.

Last Updated: 04/12/2014

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