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Mother's Day

An Intergenerational Mother's Day

By Ebony Cody

Recently my mother relocated from Georgia back to the New York area. It had been a pressing decision and so everyone was very excited about her long overdue return. I allowed my oldest daughter Jade to accompany me in picking up her grandmother, and due to the anticipation of seeing her Nana I suspect that’s where all the nervous chatter came from. Jade nearly talked my ear off the entire ride to the station. She just talked and talked, and talked all the way there. Jade talked about school, she talked about boys, she talked about the girls and the boys at school, she talked about sports, she talked about what she wants to become once she’s older, she talked about her birthday and what plans she wants me to make. She just went on and on, and on. Jade simply had her fill of talking, and as her mother I just listened, giving an occasional nod of acceptance or acknowledgment as needed.

My purpose as a mother was reaffirmed realizing the gifts of life and love my mother had given to me.

We then finally made it over to New York (we were traveling from Connecticut) and it was time for my mother’s arrival. My daughter looked all around and then suddenly, there she was, “Nana!” my daughter exclaimed. As my daughter ran over to my mother and held her closely, I started to recollect all of the many conversations my mother and I have shared. From the time I could remember talking my mother has always been there to entertain my thought process – she’s always been my closest friend. And for as long as I could recall talking my mother’s ears off, I could also remember her patiently and lovingly listening; a gift that I now share with Jade.

Just then, my daughter took a step back panning back and forth between her two best friends. Her eyes glazed over, and then she spoke what they already seemed to say, “Mommy, I can’t believe I am a part of and am looking at three generations of women in our family.” At that very moment my purpose as a mother was reaffirmed realizing the gifts of life and love my mother had given to me. And seeing my mother’s legacy being passed on from one generation to the next; and here I was looking at my legacy and her potential. I can only hope that one day my children will be so blessed as to have their children of their own, talking their ears off; and perhaps I’ll live to see the day when my grandchild (ren) is looking up at me saying “Nana, look we have three generations! Who knows, maybe my mother will also be so blessed to see her great-grandchild (ren).

So be good to your mothers, embrace the relationships that you have for there will be no other like it – it is the most profound of all relationships. Happy Mother’s Day!

Last Updated: 04/15/2014

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