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Lent 2011

A Last Meal

Day 43

By Kathy Booker, president, Southeastern Jurisdiction

After saying this Jesus was troubled in spirit, and declared, "Very truly, I tell you, one of you will betray me." The disciples looked at one another, uncertain of whom he was speaking. One of his disciples—the one whom Jesus loved—was reclining next to him; Simon Peter therefore motioned to him to ask Jesus of whom he was speaking. So while reclining next to Jesus, he asked him, "Lord, who is it?" Jesus answered, "It is the one to whom I give this piece of bread when I have dipped it in the dish." So when he had dipped the piece of bread, he gave it to Judas son of Simon Iscariot. After he received the piece of bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, "Do quickly what you are going to do." Now no one at the table knew why he said this to him. Some thought that, because Judas had the common purse, Jesus was telling him, "Buy what we need for the festival"; or, that he should give something to the poor. So, after receiving the piece of bread, he immediately went out. And it was night. When he had gone out, Jesus said, "Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified in him. If God has been glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself and will glorify him at once.

—John 13:21-32

Picture it, Jesus and his disciples are having the last supper and Jesus says, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me." The disciples didn't really understand what Jesus was saying, but they would soon find out what he meant. Jesus knew about Peter's forthcoming denial and Judas's attempted betrayal, but he didn't change the course of events, nor did he stop loving Peter and Judas. Jesus knew what was about to happen, and he made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me so we would have eternal life.

Most gracious and loving God, we thank you for your Son, Jesus, who showed us the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

When reflecting on the Last Supper and what's occurring in the world today, how many of our sisters, brothers and children are having or have had their last meal due to the economy, poverty or unforeseen circumstances such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other natural disasters?

Can you imagine not being able to provide the very basics for your family or wondering if you could survive this catastrophe?

In fulfilling the purpose of United Methodist Women we are to know God and expand concepts of mission globally, which is exhibited locally, nationally and internationally through our Mission Giving, dedication and work in many national mission institutions. Let us not forget the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us and what is expected from all of us. As you take this opportunity to reflect during the Lenten season ask yourself, "Do I truly show the faith, love and action that would be pleasing to God?"

To God be the glory for all God has done!


Most gracious and loving God, we thank you for your Son, Jesus, who showed us the true meaning of love and sacrifice. May we be an example to all who we come in contact with and we ask that you never, ever leave our presence as we fulfill the purpose of United Methodist Women through mission and ministry as you have instructed. Amen.

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