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Women Weaving One World

Preparation: Have for each officer a tassel which contains the colors mentioned in the service. Be sure to get the name of each officer and the office to which they have been elected.

(Call those to be installed to the front by name and office, give each a tassel.)

Leader: Weaving has been an activity women have engaged in since the loom was invented. What is woven can be plain and utilitarian, or it can tell a story. It can be full of artistry or it can be dull. Weaving is also a metaphor for our lives. We each weave our own fabric of faith and life. From the time we are children until we are near the end of our journey, we are creating a pattern or weaving a design. The loom is our life.

When a garment or other basic weaving is planned and carefully made, one reward is the fun of embellishing and trimming. Our Christian life begins with the basic acceptance of Christ, but our lives are embellished as we say ‘yes' to opportunities of stewardship and service. This, like trimming a woven piece, is where individual style, imagination and skills have free play.

Tassels have many uses -- as a holiday ornament, to edge a wall hanging, as a decoration, for fun, to add elegance, for finishing, for significance, on clothing, on pillows, on banners, etc. The form of a tassel may resemble a person - there is a head, a neck, and a skirt. Let us look at the colors and find each of you...

The the top of the tassel is variegated including all the colors. The President has knowledge of the total program and Purpose of United Methodist Women and its relationship to church and community.

Brown is the color of the earth which provides nutrients and water for growth. The Vice President seeks to provide growth in knowledge and understanding through dynamic programs that fulfill the PURPOSE.

Blue represents the faithfulness of the Secretary in keeping records which become history and represent continuity of years in growth and service.

Turquoise for the Treasurer, reminds us of waters flowing to the sea as our pledge follows channels to provide funds for bringing living water to those who thirst, aid to those who are in need.

Orange for the Secretary of Program Resources is a vibrant shade and denotes brilliant potential of all program resources available to United Methodist women to brighten, color and enliven participation in the total program of United Methodist Women.

Lavender, a gentle color, purple, a royal hue, blended with white reminds us of the prayerful and persuasive efforts of those lead by the Chair of the Committee on Nominations as they call the best leaders to opportunities to be in God's mission through United Methodist Women.

The Mission Coordinator for Spiritual Growth is represented by white, which is also symbolic of the Holy Spirit. If there is to be a radiance and vitality of spirit, each person must be positive in her faith and seek to know God. As we grow and give of ourselves in God's work, our spiritual growth will be evident.

Yellow reminds us that without sunlight nothing will live or grow. The Mission Coordinator for Membership Nurture and Outreach lights the way for us in finding ways to enlist new members as well as being a community for and supporting the present members.

Mission Coordinator for Social Action is represented by red, which denotes the courage it takes to speak boldly on social issues in an effort to bring justice to the community, state, country and world.

Green symbolizes the new growth which comes through the Mission Coordinator for Education and Interpretation, who makes us aware of the needs and opportunities for us to be in mission.

The Communications Coordinator is more than "black and white and read all over." Telling others our story, and publicizing programs and activities has now taken many forms and uses lots of color.

You have been woven into a colorful team with your basic pattern being the Purpose of United Methodist Women. I challenge each of you to be a bright color yet blend with the beautiful combination of colors of the team.

Let us pray: Most Holy One, who created the rainbow of colors, and each unique person, bless this team and the district they serve so they might weave a tapestry that tells of your love and forgiveness. Inspire and guide them as they bring others into the fabric of the (name of district) district United Methodist Women.. In the name of the one who came that we might know you more fully. Amen.

Last Updated: 03/30/2014

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