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An Awesome Responsibility

You have an awesome, exciting responsibility before you. Take it with enthusiasm, knowing God is with you.

Preparation: Get enough small cans of WD-40 to give to each officer. Also have coins of different values and sizes, from different countries if possible. Be sure to get the name of each officer and the office to which they have been elected.

(Call those to be installed to the front by name and office. Give each a small can of WD-40 and a coin)

Leader: (to the elected leadership) Something exciting has really happened to you!! You have been called by God and then elected by these women to be a member of the (name of district) district executive committee for United Methodist Women. You can be the WD-40, a lubricant, to help the links between local unit, district and conference move more freely. You can help women to be really involved in the most exciting organization I know of.

What does this mean? According to the constitution and by laws, you are to be a MISSION TEAM, you are formed to be auxiliary to the conference and to the Women's Division. Your task is to lead the units in fulfilling the purpose.

What are the characteristics of a team? On a team, each person has a particular role to play. Each has unique characteristics, but all work together towards the Purpose. Listen to the Purpose:

The organized unit of UNITED METHODIST WOMEN shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

That is an AWESOME responsibility, to provide the WD-40 rather than the RUST!!

Do the units of this district need your leadership in fulfilling the Purpose? My unit does! We have concerns about the leadership in our unit, concerns about the membership, concerns about the finances. We want to know what we can do to make mission happen, to grow spiritually and to develop a passionate desire to know God.

(To the women of the district): Women gathered here, do your units have some of these same concerns? If so, respond by saying "Yes, (name of district) needs your leadership as a mission team."

(To the elected officers): You have heard the women representing their units, they need you to be the WD-40, not the rust. Lead them in fulfilling the Purpose of this organization. Earlier you received a coin. Each is unique, each has different values, weights, sizes, from different years, maybe from different countries. By themselves, they won't do much, but together they can do a whole lot, they can grow and make mission happen. Just like you!

Here is a challenge for you: Will you remember your special uniqueness on this team? Will you remember why you were called? Will you be a mission team, joining together to make mission happen? Will you lead the units in this district in fulfilling the Purpose of United Methodist Women? If so, answer, "With God's leading, I will."

You have an awesome, exciting responsibility before you with your WD-40 and a coin. Take them with enthusiasm, knowing God is with you.

Let us pray: Most Holy One, we ask your blessing and guidance on these women here today, both elected leaders and members. Inspire each of them as they work to fulfill the Purpose. We especially ask your guidance for those just elected, that they may feel your presence as they plan for and lead the units of this district. In the name of the Christ, Amen.

Last Updated: 03/30/2014

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