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If you come to help me, you can go home again. But if you see my struggles
as part of your own survival, then perhaps we can work together.
-- Lila Watson, An Aboriginal Woman from Australia

Mutuality is an attitude. It is an environment. It does not form on its own. It evolves when the partners realize there is love, trust, and acceptance.

Mutuality is sharing power in such a way that each [person] is called forth more fully into becoming who she/he is -- whole person

Mutuality is committed to a culture of equality

Mutuality opens a dialogue. It enables partners to communicate honestly and behave with integrity. We see the world from the other’s perspective

Mutuality enables [people] to change their view of those who are different

Mutuality means understanding, acknowledging and respecting cultural and racial differences

Mutuality does not provide room to control the other

Mutuality has no room for the spirit of narrow patriotism. [It] transcends jingoism, individualism, political idealism and economic greed.

Mutuality…authentic mutual relations will not be created in the absence of justice

-- From Mutuality in Mission, Glory and Jacob Dharmaraj, GBGM-UMC, 2001

Last Updated: 03/17/2014

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