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Advent 2013

Remembering the Child

Getting a high-five from a runner at the 2013 New York City Marathon.317
The author's son gets a high-five from a runner at the 2013 New York City Marathon.

Second Sunday Reflection

By Michelle Okabayashi

We live along the New York City Marathon route in Brooklyn, and every year we go out on the first Sunday of November to cheer for the runners. This was the first year that our son was old enough to really be engaged in what was going on. He clapped along with us as we encouraged the runners. I always get a bit emotional at this event as I watch people of all shapes, sizes and abilities achieve a goal they have worked very hard to reach.

As we stood on the sidelines cheering the runners who were straining towards a finish line still hours away, a runner stopped to give my kids marathon hats; another gave my son a wristband; and several slowed to greet his outstretched hand with a high five.

He was thrilled.

I was humbled.

As a goal-oriented person, I couldn’t imagine stopping in a race of thousands, for which I had spent months (and possibly years) training, to make a toddler smile. As a parent, I was grateful.

In this Advent season, in the midst of our preparations, gatherings, and our long list of “to dos,” I was reminded to not let the Christ child get crowded out on the sidelines. He is more than someone in need of a high-five as we run off towards our own finish lines. Honoring Christ and preparing for his coming into our lives is the goal of this often-frenetic season. Let us place Christ in the center of our lives during this Advent season and for all time.

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