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Human Trafficking

How To Submit Human Trafficking Photos to UMWOnline.net

Directions for Intercept the Traffickers Campaign 2013

Intercept the Traffickers is an ongoing campaign during January to raise awareness and participate in fighting human trafficking before and during Super Bowl Sunday. This year, in 2013, we are focusing on a photo campaign, and you can help! Learn more here.

Without Computer and Internet

  1. After you take the photo and develop film, mail photo(s) to your Conference Mission Team. They will take the photos, scan them and upload them to UMWOnline.

Instructions for Conference Mission Team

  1. After receiving and collecting photos, scan photos individually using scanner.
  2. Continue following instructions under “With Computer and Internet.”

With Computer and Internet (And Conference Team)

  1. After taking or receiving digital photo or scan, save photo as a JPEG (.jpg) at the highest resolution possible. Make sure you name the file and save in a convenient folder so they are easy to find.
  2. Go to humantrafficking.umwonline.net.
    Note that all visitors can see posted photos but only umwonline members can add photos. Click the Login button to add photos; join if you are not already a member.
  3. Click “Add Photo.”
  4. Read “Guidelines for Photos” to ensure your photo meets those requirements.
  5. Hover over the icon with the photo and green arrow.
  6. Click “Select Photos from Your Computer.”
  7. Find photo in your computer, make sure it is selected, and click “Open” or “Save.”
  8. Click “Upload Photo.”
  9. Add a Title, Caption, photo credit, and tags, for example:
    1. Title: Ridgewood, Queens, NY United Methodist Women at Human Trafficking Event.”
    2. Caption: “Twelve United Methodist Women members gathered at Ridgewood United Methodist Church to raise awareness about the social ills of Human Trafficking, January 5, 2012.”
    3. Photo Credit: In the caption, cite photographer who took the photo. “Photo by Jane Smith.”
    4. Tags: United Methodist Women, New York Conference, Human Trafficking, Social Action.
  10. Share the photo with your friends on UMWOnline and Facebook! Link to your Conference United Methodist Women website. 
Last Updated: 04/07/2014

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