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Participating in the Reading Program

To participate in the Reading Program, select one of the Reading Program plans and when completed, report it to your local United Methodist Women secretary for program resources. 

As you get started, your local secretary of program resources should:

  • Help you enroll in the Reading Program.
  • Explain the Reading Program's procedures.
  • Give you a Reading Program catalogue.
  • Help you buy or borrow Reading Program books.


Reading Program

Join the Conversation!

The Reading Program group on UMWOnline is a place to discuss books, share insights and make the most of this program. You'll find book reviews, recommendations and event announcements.


The Reading Program Leads to Action

The Reading Program is a study opportunity, but it should also lead to action. Here are a few suggestions to assist you:

Pray. Books often raise concerns about people, countries and issues. Bring these concerns to God during your prayer time at home and at group meetings.

Host a program. For example, a locally–sponsored program on the environment could help the church and community explore ways to be better stewards of God’s Earth.

Organize. You and your group can contact the Office of Community Action to work on social action plans for your local group and church. To obtain resources for community organizing e-mail Carol Barton at cbarton@unitedmethodistwomen.org.

Action Suggestions




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