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National Mission Institution News and Resources

  • Give Yourself by Kim Jenkins
    03/12/2011 During this Lenten season, may each of us examine the condition of our own hearts, humbly seek God's mercy, and shower mercy on others through the giving of ourselves to help meet their needs.
  • And Also Much Cattle by Thomas Reppart, Epworth Village, York, Neb.
    03/11/2011 Why does God care for whom he cares? Why for so much of the time does God's job description seem to be to rescue the perishing, care for the dying? Just how does God snatch them in pity from sin and the grave? Why did Jesus weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen? Why should I tell the poor wanderer a Savior has died?
  • Set Apart for the Gospel by the Rev. Elaine Fahrmeier
    03/10/2011 Rev. Fahrmeier became "transformed and reminded that God can touch even the most fragile of little souls and transform them."
  • A Friend in Mission is a Friend Indeed by Harriett Jane Olson
    02/16/2011 A UMNS Commentary: United Methodist Women members and other members of The United Methodist Church will be responding to the gospel call to service through the Change the World Weekend on May 14-15. We recognize that mission is not only about contribution but also about companionship, not so much where we are but who we are in that place, not the mere completion of a project but a side-by-side journey of faith.
  • Atlantic Street Center Celebrates 100 Years by Darcy McInnis
    02/01/2011 In 2010, Atlantic Street Center—a youth-focused social service agency in Seattle, Washington—celebrated 100 years of service to the city’s citizens. The center began life in 1910 when it was founded by two young women. One was a teacher; the other, a nurse; and both had been ordained as deaconesses by the Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Tacoma Community House: An Evolving Ministry by Derrick Rhayn
    02/01/2011 Throughout 2010, Tacoma Community House (TCH)—long supported by United Methodist Women—celebrated 100 years of ministry as a national mission institution of The United Methodist Church.
  • Susannah Wesley Community Center Plays Key Role in Human Trafficking Case by Catherine Heggarty, with Sonya Chung-Hirano and Dominic Inocelda
    01/07/2011 The biggest human trafficking case in U.S. history is currently in federal court in Honolulu, Hawaii. A United Methodist Women–affiliated mission, the Susannah Wesley Community Center played a major role in helping the victims.
  • Come and Follow by Becky Dodson Louter
    12/15/2010 What does it mean to come and follow? We are all called, set apart, to respond in obedience with the love and grace provided through Jesus Christ.

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