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National Mission Institution News and Resources

  • Interview with Yvette Richards by Leigh Rogers
    09/04/2012 Ms. Richards' expresses her passion in this dialogue saying: "United Methodist Women is a difference maker, a leader for women children and youth in making an impact. We need to know how to tell our story, often and everywhere. "
  • Come and Follow by Becky Dodson Louter
    12/15/2010 What does it mean to come and follow? We are all called, set apart, to respond in obedience with the love and grace provided through Jesus Christ.
  • Organizing for Mission by Tara Barnes
    10/13/2010 United Methodist Women President Inelda González addressed directors, guests and staff at the annual Women’s Division board of directors fall meeting, paying tribute to the work of early women missionaries and challenging attendees to be proactive in mission work today, especially regarding immigration.
  • Division Directors to Explore New Relationship with Global Ministries by Yvette Moore
    04/28/2009 Women's Division directors voted to explore a new model of partnership with the General Board of Global Ministries that would transfer oversight of United Methodist Women-supported national mission institutions, relationships with international partners and regional missionaries to the Women's Division.

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