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National Mission Institution News and Resources

  • Interview with Yvette Richards by Leigh Rogers
    09/04/2012 Ms. Richards' expresses her passion in this dialogue saying: "United Methodist Women is a difference maker, a leader for women children and youth in making an impact. We need to know how to tell our story, often and everywhere. "
  • A Child's Eye View by by Cheryll Felder, board president, Houchen Community Center, El Paso, Texas
    03/21/2011 During this Lenten season, help us to see the world through the eyes and hearts of children.
  • God in the Cloud by by the Rev. Dr. Donald J. Clark, executive director, Houchen Community Center, El Paso, Texas
    03/20/2011 A cloud seems to sit over the barrio. It is just there, a cloud of poverty, a cloud of domestic violence, a cloud of drug and alcohol abuse, a cloud of illiteracy, a cloud of hunger—blotting out any reason for hope for generations.
  • United Methodist Women Reach out to Japan by Carol Van Gorp
    03/20/2011 United Methodist Women are praying for the Japanese people and for all of the missionaries and mission institutions in the country that was hit by earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown on March 11.
  • Speak Up/Speak Out for Justice by Gladys King-Lucas, Marcy-Newberry Association, Chicago, Ill.
    03/18/2011 Today's reading shows how we can find hope for the future by looking to our past relationship with God and others.
  • A Makeover in the Making by the Rev. Diane Moseley
    03/17/2011 When we live an honest Lent and allow ourselves to walk that hot dusty August road that exists in every heart, may we too be able to acknowledge the "dead ground," the "moonscapes" of our lives. May we be honest enough to find God's Easter joy of "exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs."
  • Love to the Least, the Last and the Lost by the Rev. Jane Vaughan, Alpine Community Center, Alpine, Texas
    03/16/2011 When we consider those who nurtured us then we can ask how can we as individuals and as Christian communities respond with love to the least, the last and the lost so that we are not a stumbling block for others.
  • A Homeless Wanderer by Mary Gates, former board chair of Emma Norton Residence, St. Paul, Minn., and former Women’s Division director
    03/15/2011 Many women are homeless or at risk of being homeless when they come to Emma Norton Residence in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Called Awake and Fed by Lily Bloom Domingo, Susannah Wesley Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
    03/14/2011 We recognize what it means to be on a long journey facing loneliness and despair. In the face of every "newcomer" is the reflection of ourselves. Each of us can be the living embodiment of God's love and provide the compassion and care that will sustain our brothers and sisters in their long journey.
  • Overcoming Temptation by Richard Gibson
    03/13/2011 The Temptation of Christ in the desert is a well-known lesson in the Christian faith. Although the story took place more than 2,000 years ago, all of us, and especially our youth, face Satan's temptations daily.

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