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International Ministries

United Methodist Women members' Pledge to Mission supports projects and organizations around the world.  Internationally, 2013 Mission Giving funds support 121 programs carried out by 107 organizations in more than 110 countries.

Scholarships for higher education were granted to 63 international students in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

United Methodist Women has seven Regional Missionaries working all over the world. Regional Missionaries are native to the region they serve as personnel of United Methodist Women. 

Ubuntu Journeys are unique, short-term mission service opportunities for United Methodist Women to interact with the world through mission partners.  Each Ubuntu Journey connects women for a faith and mission opportunity.  2014 Ubuntu Journeys will go to Zimbabwe in February, Liberia in March, and Lithuania in May.

  • We Are United Methodist Women by Linda J. DuRant
    12/30/2010 We are the women of the Church, the United Methodist Women. We serve a risen Savior. We carry on the traditions that hundreds of thousands of women have passed down in whispers and shouts to their sisters and daughters and nieces and friends.
  • Hats by by Linda J. DuRant
    12/30/2010 Hats have woven their way into society. The phrases "toss your hat into the ring" or "keep it under your hat" are instantly understood. When someone does something significant we give a "tip of the hat" to that person.
  • This Unspeakable Gift by Harriett Jane Olson
    12/22/2010 We've been dwelling with the story of Mary and Elizabeth at Women's Division this season. In preparation for the worship at Leadership Training Event, we began thinking about the roles of these two women in hearing God's call and participating in working out the vision of God. Note also the "creative, supportive fellowship" along the journey.

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