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Assembly 2014

Make It Happen at Assembly 2014!

The United Methodist Women will show the world how faith, hope and love in action can bring about change.

Women from around the country and mission partners from across the globe are called to the 19th quadrennial Assembly of United Methodist Women April 25 -27, 2014, at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. “Make It Happen” is the theme for the faith-filled, spirit-lifting gathering of thousands of women of every ethnicity, background and region.

The biblical foundation for the 2014 Assembly is Mark 6:30-44, the feeding of the 5,000—a miracle most fitting for a “Make It Happen!” Assembly! Inspired by Jesus who fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, United Methodist Women members face seemingly unbeatable challenges, but together find ways to advocate for those deemed “the least,” Christ’s kin. United Methodist Women members are equipped with faith, hope and love in action to turn the impossible into life-affirming realities everyday.

Topics for Assembly 2014 workshops:

  • Ways to Grow Spiritually
  • Service and Advocacy for Justice
  • Cultivate New Ways to Strengthen the Mission Outreach
  • Methods to Develop Leadership Skills

There will be more than 75 workshops; a few titles to look for:

  • What Does the Bible Say About Justice for Women?
  • When Faith Becomes Hate – an Interfaith Session, Global Politics of Faith
  • Ending Domestic Violence
  • Reproductive and Maternal Health
  • Charting a New Course – Letting Younger Women Lead

As participants prepare to attend 2014 Assembly, they will be mindful that just as Jesus fed the 5,000, United Methodist Women members nourish the physically and spiritually famished in our local communities, nation and world when we unite in mission, rally for change and stand with women, children and youth and continue to organize for mission. United Methodist Women, “Make It Happen!”

If you would like more information about Assembly 2014, or to schedule an interview with Harriett Jane Olsen – General Secretary – please call Anissa New-Walker, ph. 212.870.3849, awalker@unitedmethodistwomen.org

Last Updated: 03/24/2014

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