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Advent 2012

Affirmation of Faith for Everyday Advent

First Sunday of Advent: December 2, 2012

By Glory Dharmaraj

Luke 21:25–36

We believe in the infinite God of creation, who uttered the earth and heavens into existence and who breathed humans into God’s likeness.

We believe in the Creator, whose imprint is in the majesty and mystery of creation.

We believe in Jesus Christ, who entered human history in a season such as this to restore us back into God’s image and who invites us to hallow human living with meaning and bless our one earth with peace.

We believe in the Christ, who calls us to create communities of justice and harmony and lend a hand in mending creation back into wholeness.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who enfolds us with grace and fills us with hope, calling us to straighten our slumped postures, get into God’s kin-dom loop and reconcile with God and with one another.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who anoints us and sends us forth to break barriers, leap over hurdles, and resist the systems that mar God’s image in people and the forces that deny fullness of life.

We believe in the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit, who whispers in our ears saying, “Water-washed and spirit-graced children, be vigilant. Discern the signs of the Spirit. Make room for Christ to move in.”

We believe, also, in the day when the light of the Advent candles on earth and that of the sun, the moon and the stars above will give way to One Great Light that is God. We believe in the dawning of a new earth and a new heaven. Until that glorious dawn, we will practice Advent living every day through joyful vigilance and expectant hope. We will pray the breath prayer Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom Come,” and walk the walk in the light of the reign of God here and now, caroling anew the Advent refrain, “Come, Lord, Jesus, Come.” Amen.

(This Affirmation of Faith can be made into an Advent liturgy by dividing the lines for use by the leader and all.)


Glory E. Dharmaraj, is director of spiritual formation and mission theology for United Methodist Women. 

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