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Spring Board Meeting 2012

National Mission Institutions Play a Vital Role in the Women’s Division Board Meeting

By Mary Beth Coudal and Hortense Tyrell

Not only did the Women’s Division Board of Directors meet for one afternoon at one of the Women’s Division-related 98 national mission institutions, but the directors also approved two new institutions to join the caring connection of United Methodist-related community centers and institutions.

The two new centers of hope are the Community Development for All People in Columbus, Ohio, and the United Methodist Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska. Like all mission institutions, the two will pass through a one-year provisional period before they are fully connected. (All institutions are evaluated annually.)

“It’s a big deal that we are expanding the National Mission Institutions, because it’s amazing that the work is still needed. And we still have an opportunity to have an impact on women and children and youth. This is just one way we have an opportunity to do God’s work,” said Andris Salter, Assistant General Secretary of the Women’s Division.

Wesley-Rankin Community Center

On March 15, the directors who served on the National Committee of the Women, Children and Youth committee met at the Sarah Wilke Youth Center of Wesley-Rankin, a beacon of hope in an area of West Dallas that was formerly referred to as the “Devil’s Doorstep,” because neighbors believed the area to be so hardscrabble and high-crime.

This 110-year old national mission institution proudly bears the name of its founder, Hattie Rankin, also known as "Miss Hattie," who lived and ministered with the West Dallas community members who were most marginalized, the women and children. The center continues Miss Hattie’s legacy of change through faith in education, direct services and caring relationships.

The Rev. Sarah Squires, Wesley-Rankin’s executive director, welcomed the committee members to West Dallas, expressing appreciation to the Women’s Division for its ongoing support of women, children and youth. In particular, Ms. Squires highlighted two innovative Wesley-Rankin programs: GOh! GOh! Girls! (Girls of Hope, Girls of Honor), for young women to learn leadership skills, and B3X (Beakers, Base 10 and the Beat), for kids to learn competencies needed to master the interwoven fields of math, art, music and science.

The directors agreed to recommit United Methodist Women to the support of mission institutions as a mission priority.

Find a United Methodist Women-related National Mission Institution in your neighborhood. 

United Methodist Women welcomes United Methodist-related mission institutions and community centers to join the caring connection of National Mission Institutions. Contact Ebony Cody, ECody@unitedmethodistwomen.org to receive an application form.  

Hortense Tyrell is a national mission institution liaison and Mary Beth Coudal is the staff writer for United Methodist Women. 

Last Updated: 04/09/2014

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