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"Walk with Wholeness" Available in June!

Program Book 2011-2012: All New Format


Your United Methodist Women's group will want to be among the first to experience transformative faith, hope, love in action through "Walk with Wholeness"-- the all-new Program Book for 2011-2012.

Programs are organized to work with the United Methodist Women's calendar, beginning in September 2011 and continuing each month through August 2012.  Your group can use them each month, or pick and choose the ones you are most interested in. 

You could even organize a new group just to experience the program book.  What a great way to introduce women in your church to the deep joy experienced through United Methodist Women!

Features include:

  • Title/ objective to reflect the theme of the program
  • Prayer and meditation to strengthen your spiritual life and give you a focus
  • Activities and discussions to explore issues and experiences
  • Opportunities for service and advocacy in your communities
  • Interactive design for journaling
  • Wire binding to allow you to photocopy worksheets for the group
  • Resource CD from which you can print out photos and materials to prepare for the program

Discover what it is like to “Walk with Wholeness.”  Order your Program Book for 2011-2012 today. Call 1-800-305-9857 or order online missionresourcecenter.org

Last Updated: 04/15/2014

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