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Assembly 2014

A Call to the 2014 United Methodist Women Assembly

Women from around the country and mission partners from across the globe are called to the 19th quadrennial Assembly of United Methodist Women, April 25 -27, 2014, at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. “Make It Happen” is the theme for the faith-filled, spirit-lifting gathering of thousands of women of every ethnicity, background and region.

Many will come a day early, April 24, for hands-on mission action on the “Ubuntu Day of Service” to benefit local communities in the Louisville area. Young women committed to mission will also gather April 24 for a “Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow” reunion.

The biblical foundation for the 2014 Assembly is Mark 6:30-44, the feeding of the 5,000—a miracle most fitting for a “Make It Happen!” Assembly. Inspired by Jesus who fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, United Methodist Women members face seemingly unbeatable challenges to answer God’s call to serve and advocate for those deemed “the least”—Christ’s kin. United Methodist Women Make It Happen!

At the 2014 Assembly, we will celebrate, share sisterhood and remind one another how faith, hope and love in action turn the impossible into life-affirming realities everyday. In more than 75 workshops women will help one another reach new heights in spiritual growth; develop leadership skills; cultivate new ways to strengthen the mission outreach of our circles and local, district, conference and jurisdiction groups; and learn more about environmental sustainability and best practices for incorporating these principles into our daily lives when we return home.

Also, the 2014 Assembly will be a “green” event and serve as a model for United Methodist Women groups around the country for running environmentally responsible events.

In the months leading up to Assembly 2014, United Methodist Women can prepare for the event by sharing the many different ways they Make It Happen in their local communities for the last, the lost and the least. At Assembly, these shared stories and experiences will become a part of a Living Timeline that will be on display in the exhibit area as a testament to how every woman makes a difference in United Methodist Women work.

As you prepare to attend 2014 Assembly, be mindful that just as Jesus fed the 5,000, United Methodist Women nourish the physically and spiritually famished in our local communities, nation and world when we unite in mission, rally for change and stand with women, children and youth and continue to organize for mission. United Methodist Women, Make It Happen!

Last Updated: 03/24/2014

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