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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Days 2013-2014

Leadership Development Days will be in 3 cities this year in November 2013 and January 2014 with all-new speakers, stories, and workshops. Register today!

The Leadership Development Days (LDD) is a weekend filled with practical, hands-on experiences, moving worship services, workshops, networking and more for United Methodist Women members newly elected to leadership positions of the organization and anyone who wants to participate.

We'll be back in 3 cities this year in November 2013 and January 2014 with all-new speakers, stories, and workshops. A discernment event for deaconesses and home missioners is also part of this event. 

Dates & Locations

  • November 15-17: Renaissance Airport Hotel in St. Louis, MO. REGISTER NOW!
  • Nov. 22-24: Double Tree By Hilton Phoenix-Tempe, Tempe, AZREGISTER NOW!  
  • Jan. 10-12: Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, Lake Junaluska, NC.

Registration is $100. Use the code “LDD” to complete registration. Registration closes October 15 for all 3 events.



10:00 AM-5:00 PM: Registration
3:00-5:00 PM: Pre-registered workshops, book sales, computer lab and other activities
5:00 PM: Opening worship and plenary session
6:00 PM: Dinner
7:00-9:00 PM: Pre-registered workshops and other activities
9:00 PM: Meet and greet


8:30 AM: Morning plenary session
10:00 AM: Workshop and other choice sessions continuing throughout the day
6:00 PM: Dinner and program


8:30 AM: Plenary session and worship ending by 12 noon


Extended Sessions

Deaconess and Home Missioner Discernment (scheduled throughout weekend)
Join as part of this discernment group to explore God’s invitation to become a deaconess or home missioner but also participle in several related LDD workshops, worship and plenary sessions. This lay community responds to the call of God and is sent forth by the United Methodist Church to full-time ministries of love, justice and service.

To attend the discernment event at LDD, please fill out a discernment application form. If you are interested in deaconess discernment and your United Methodist Women leadership responsibilities at LDD prevent your participation in the discernment, please contact deaconess@unitedmethodtwomen.org

Use code “DHM” to register for the discernment event. Related workshops will be incorporated into the discernment event schedule. There is no need to register for additional workshops.

Tempe site only: Service and Advocacy
This series of sessions will provide an opportunity to engage more deeply in a social justice issue and strengthen leadership capacity to address unjust systems and policies. It will include an off-site visit to an organization working on related issues. It is recommended for emerging and current leaders of United Methodist Women who are interested in strengthening leadership capacity for service and advocacy. The Service and Advocacy sessions will serve as the Friday and Saturday workshops. Space is limited.

Two hour sessions

Board member responsibilities
Since United Methodist Women leaders often serve on a variety of boards and committees in the church and community, this session will cover understanding of board functions, formal and informal responsibilities, fiduciary and legal responsibilities and clarification of roles and functions for United Methodist Women’s ex-officio members. This session is recommended for any leader who is serving on a board, and in particular conference and district leaders serving as ex-officio board members for national mission institutions.

Coalition building for change
This workshop will explore best practices and key strategies to build and effectively employ political power. Emphasis will be placed on building coalitions with other organizations.

Creating cross-cultural relationships
United Methodist Women strives to be a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual organization. During this session, participants will analyze demographics in their areas as well as explore and exchange ideas and strategies that will expand the diversity of their organization.

Leadership, power & service
What are our responsibilities as leaders in relation to God, team members, and those we serve? To whom are we accountable as leaders? This workshop will offer ways to assess ourselves and identify practices to strengthen our leadership.

Organized for mission
United Methodist Women has always “organized for mission” and continues to do so today. How do we build on the strengths of our leadership teams, and explore new methods of organizing? This workshop can benefit committee chairs and members alike.

Racial Justice 101 (UMW core session)
Grounded by the call of United Methodist Women’s Charter for Racial Justice, this workshop will give participants space to deepen their understanding of the basics of racial inequality and racism and provide tools for how to (1) discuss race in your context and (2) work toward building a racially equitable unit/district/conference/community.

Racial Justice 201 (UMW core session)
This workshop will provide an opportunity to “pray the news” in order to understand how racial injustice permeates the media we consume. Participants will also come away with tools for how to challenge status quo narratives on race in the media and do action planning for how to continue this work in their own context.

Standing in our faith
United Methodist Women has a long and powerful tradition of working for justice, particularly on unpopular issues. This workshop will help participants engage in critical analysis of concerns that society, the church and United Methodist Women confront on a daily basis. It will equip participants with the tools for addressing controversial issues and ways to have conversations about United Methodist Women’s work on these issues, incorporating a theological understanding.

UMW 101
This workshop offers a look at how United Methodist Women and our predecessors have worked together for God’s mission. Here is an opportunity to learn about United Methodist Women’s history and our role today.

UMW 102
United Methodist Women are in mission globally and here at home. How and what do we support in our mission work on behalf of women, children and youth? The workshop provides an overview of our mission dollars at work and the importance of Mission Giving.

Using Social Media Responsibly
Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become popular Internet forums through which people of all ages socialize and connect with friends. This workshop will discuss tips for using social media responsibly.

Worship Arts 101 (required session for the worship arts classes)
This is the prerequisite for a series of four workshops (listed below) that are full of music along with other arts. In Worship Arts 101 we will celebrate our vast diversity, define our terms through talking, listening, and reflecting for creative, ethical, theologically sound planning, implementation and assessment of our worship life. What you learn can be used “right away, next Sunday,” all season and all times.

ConText Messaging (Worship Arts 101 is a prerequisite)
The workshop will explore the context of time, ancient, emerging, seasonal, weekly, kairos and kronos in worship arts; it will also examine authors and audiences. In addition to understanding the context of time and story, the session will look at worship arts in the context of mission.

Weaving Together (Worship Arts 101 is a prerequisite.)
This worship arts session looks at the layers of art and meaning, integrating multi-media approaches, and including many artists, and, many embodiments, yet one shared experience.

"There's an App for that" (Worship Arts 101 is a prerequisite.)
The workshop focuses on practical application and taking home what we have learned in the worship arts sessions including overcoming resistance to new ideas and perspectives.

Officer training

Book sale management
This one hour session is designed for those who are responsible for ordering resources and book room sales and conference and district events. Procedures and responsibilities will be presented.

Committee on Nominations (2 sessions)
The basic how-to’s, procedures and policies pertaining to the important work of identifying and recruiting leaders will be offered. The session is especially designed for new members and new chairs of Committee on Nominations.

Conference presidents: A session designed for new and experienced conference presidents.

Conference treasurers (2 sessions)
This two part session is designed for new conference treasurers to learn basic procedures and responsibilities including the online giving remittance system.

District presidents
The session will focus on the basic responsibilities of district presidents and provide an opportunity to network with other district presidents and address common concerns.

District treasurers
The workshop will focus on use of the online remittance system for district treasurers who are planning to use this system.

Secretaries will learn the basic of minute taking and the primary responsibilities of the secretaries. The session is designed for new secretaries at the conference, district and local levels.

FYI Sessions (No registration required.)

Assembly Living Time Line
Create stories for a multimedia time line at Assembly.

Conversation with deaconess and home missioners
Talk with those who have are called to service as a deaconess or home missioner.

Computer how-to’s
Develop your “techie” skills.

General Conference
Learn and discuss procedures, preparation, and opportunities for the 2016 General Conference.

Member matters
Share, ask, and find out on what’s happening in areas of membership growth and development.

Mission Studies 2014
Hear about next year’s mission studies.

National and international ministries update
Learn about United Methodist Women’s work here and around the world.

Social justice issue update
Be updated on the current United Methodist Women’s social justice work.

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