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Ubuntu Journey to South Korea 

August 31-September 13, 2013
Applications are closed.

Together with global sisters, United Methodist Women will share the human experience of worship, prayer and spiritual reflection to engage in mission that will cultivate faith, hope and love into action.

Blessed are the peacemakers,: for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Join women from North America and travel to South Korea in celebration of the oneness in spirit through empowering women to be leaders within their families and communities. The Scranton Women’s Leadership Center emphasizes, “To educate a woman is to educate her family, her society, and her country.”

Ubuntu Sisters will engage in the following during this journey:

  • Build relationships and exchange ideas.
  • Visit the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center and participate in the center's programs focused on peace making.
  • Experience the phenomenal growth in institutions founded by United Methodist Women's mission over the past century, including Ewha University and Ewha High School.
  • Experience traditional Korean culture.
  • Worship in a Korean Methodist Church.
  • Visit the "Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley."

Our special thanks to South Korean hosts Rev. Dr. Hea Sun Kim and Irene Kwon of the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center.

Tentative Itinerary

9/2   Orientation, visit Ewha Girls High School, Ewha Woman's University 9/3   Presentations on History and a visit to the War and Women's Rights Museum
9/4   Workshop with Korean women
9/5   Visit Scranton Women's Training Center, Taiwha Social Welfare Center.
9/6   Baewha Women's University, Yangwhajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery
9/7   Visit Kyungbok Palace, Namsan Tower
9/8   Worship at Chungdong Church, Namdaenoon Insadong
9/9   Sunlite Center and Peace-life Center with migrant women
9/10  Travel to DMZ area, History, DMZ Forest, Traditional Korean games
9/11  Visit Korean War Historical Site, Euiji Observatory
9/12  Travel back to Seoul, free time and city tour
9/13  Depart for home

*Includes travel dates


Bonnie Albert is the U.S. Team Leader for Ubuntu South Korea.  A member of Valparaiso First United Methodist Church  in Indiana, for the past eight years, Albert has served as the United Methodist Women president and the United Methodist Volunteers In Mission Coordinator for the Indiana Conference with a background in missionary work. Albert has conducted numerous United Methodist Volunteers in Mission training events and led teams to Costa Rica and Zimbabwe.

Irene Kwon is the Associate Director of Scranton Women’s Leadership Center in Korea for United Methodist Women and is committed to developing leadership among the young women of Asia. An expert in new media and IT, since 2000, Kwon has worked as a web planner and consultant at a Christian broadcasting company in South Korea, where she organized broadcasting slots for television programs and dealt with media marketing.

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