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Fall 2012: Annual Board Meeting

New Board Approves Budget, Nominates Advisory Group Members for Program Teams

By Leigh Rogers

At their first meeting of the quadrennium as a new configuration of 25 members, the United Methodist Women Board of Directors met October 18-21 in Nashville, Tenn., at United Methodist Women-owned Scarritt-Bennett Center.

The board manages the finance, property and personnel side of United Methodist Women’s work and gives final approval on the program recommendations from the program advisory group, a 70-member body that advises the board.

They were oriented to the work of board responsibilities, legal obligations, and organizational expectations as board members and leaders by United Methodist Women’s legal counsel, and showed excitement about the work ahead in a new quadrennium.

The board has a new leadership structure, officially has staff, and a new name: United Methodist Women. The board celebrated these successes as United Methodist Women became an independent agency of The United Methodist Church, while remaining connected in mission to the General Board of Global Ministries.

General Secretary Report

Harriett Jane Olson, General Secretary of United Methodist Women, addressed the organization’s board of directors.

She asked the board, “What is going on with United Methodist Women, in heaven’s name?” In other words, how is United Methodist Women’s mission work living into the Gospel to benefit women, children and youth?

Ms. Olson listed many strategies and program changes to engage more women in leadership, to equip The United Methodist Church and to build a network of shared wisdom.

Read the full report.

The board approved the following actions: 

Grants for mission

The board approved a total of $1,005,482 in grants and scholarships nationally and internationally.

The board approved $679,282 for grants to projects and programs supporting women, children and youth. National Mission Institutions were granted $463,922 of Call to Prayer and Self-Denial funds for 26 different programs to widen access to technology.

Twelve international projects were granted $215,360 of Call to Prayer and Self-Denial funds for technology programs across 9 different countries in Africa and Asia.

Six national projects and two international projects were granted a total of $28,500 from A Brighter Future for Children and Youth. The grant supports programs dedicated to addressing needs of young people ages 5 and 18 in the areas of violence and abuse prevention.

The board granted 8 national projects and 6 international projects from the Assembly Offering funds totaling $128,633 that supported community health, microenterprise, and sustainable agriculture initiatives.

The board also approved international grants for 16 projects in 10 different countries focused on women’s empowerment targeting a variety of areas: training, farming, anti-violence, disabilities, gatherings and more. A total of $107,500 was granted to these countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Seventeen new scholarships were awarded to male and female students across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean studying a variety of subjects including nursing, theology, and human resource management, totaling $61,567.

Personnel committee

Harriett Jane Olson was elected as the first general secretary of United Methodist Women, as the organization is a newly independent agency of The United Methodist Church.

Andris Salter, Sally Vonner and Sung-ok Lee were reelected as assistant general secretaries of United Methodist Women.

Governance committee

The board nominated program advisory group members for various assignments on a variety of boards with partner organizations in relationships with United Methodist Women.

Chue Vang was elected to the program advisory group to represent the Wisconsin Conference.

Program advisory group members also were elected for a variety of ecumenical and United Methodist-affiliated boards to represent United Methodist Women, including:

  • Scarritt-Bennett Center.
  • The Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility.
  • The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Committee.
  • Commission on Ministries with Young People.
  • Committee on Older Adults.

Other appointments to committees include California’s National Mission Institutions: 

  • Toberman Neighborhood House.
  • David and Margaret Youth and Family Services.
  • Gum Moon Residence Hall.

Advisory group members were elected to serve on United Methodist Women program committees, including: 

  • The editorial board, which determines the publication of the mission studies.
  • The deaconess and home missioner committee, which appoints deaconesses and home missioners.
  • The Reading Program committee, which determines the Reading Program’s annual book list.
  • The Assembly committee, which plans and executes United Methodist Women’s quadrennial Assembly, which will occur in 2014 in Louisville, Ky.

Finance committee

The board approved the 2013 operating budget of $17,960,000 and expenses of $17,950,000.

Treasurer Martha Knight oriented new directors with the processes and procedures of United Methodist Women’s finances as well as presented the directors with a recap of the 2012 treasurer’s report.

The basics of the orientation included the latest financial information (end of Fiscal Year 2011):

  • Assets: $97,000,000
  • Operating revenues: $25,000,000
  • Operating expenses: $32M (containing $1,500,000 pension not cashed)

Ms. Knight shared with directors the main sources of revenue (which includes endowments applied to specific programs released from restriction, such as scholarships and grants):

  • Mission Giving: 84%
  • Earnings on Endowments: 9.4%
  • Rental/Service fees income: 2.9%
  • Direct sources of other income: 1.4%

The board also approved Brooks-Howell Home applications for residency.

Treasurer’s report

In her remarks to the directors, Treasurer Martha Knight noted that revenue is down due to the economy. Less Mission Giving is happening, but overall, giving has remained high in comparison to other non-profit organizations.

“United Methodist Women members around the country give generously to all mission that is United Methodist Women,” said Ms. Knight.

Read the full report. 

Leigh Rogers is the web content and public relations associate with United Methodist Women.

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