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United Methodists in Nepal Host Women and Youth Event

Women leaders (in white) from the Tharu tribe of Nepal: some are chosen leaders. On the right is the Rev. Meena and child Minthu.
Women leaders (in white) from the Tharu tribe of Nepal: some are chosen leaders. On the right is the Rev. Meena and child Minthu.

By Meena Moktan Thakali

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Lord has been so faithful and wonderful. I’d like to thank United Methodist Women very much for your prayers and financial support. Without your willingness to assist and trust in us, our two events would have never been possible. Finally we could successfully hold women and youth events in this year 2011.

I’m thankful too to the people who volunteered during the two events. The presence of United Methodist Women regional missionary Emma Cantor was truly a blessing. The methods of her teaching and dealing with the women and youth were incredible.

There were a total of 153 women gathered for the event from 32 local churches. From morning to late night we had various programs, such as devotion, Bible studies, group discussions, sharings and a talent show. The women totally forgot their household chores and indulged in the presence of God. Some of them cried desperately and confessed their infirmities, and they came out courageously to be part of God’s witness. Let us pray and trust that these women will go with new dimensions and live to bless others. Women shared their experiences on the third day and we were enormously moved and blessed.

There were also 159 youth at the event. They were taught from various Bible passages to become more radical for Jesus Christ. They were involved in various activities, such as group discussions, sports and a talent show. On the final day, during the time of confessions, renewal and commitment almost everybody wept in the presence of God. They have committed their life to witness Christ in their locality. The Spirit of God moved marvelously in the hearts of the youths.

The women and youth belong to various ethnic groups, tribes and Dalits. Dalits are oppressed from society and are neglected from every possibility. Women are mostly farmers and housewives. Many of them are deprived from education and opportunities to learn life skills. Poverty also hinders their elevation. Both the women and youth were joyful at the event, and for this I am grateful. Through the direction and advice of Ms. Cantor, the women of The United Methodist Church of Nepal had an election for organization officers. Nine women were elected from each district.

In the coming days we will work together for the expansion of God’s Kin-dom and brighten the future of the women and youth. There are many needs to be met among the women and youth, such as education, life skills, theological understanding, family ministries, alleviating poverty, health, ending violence against women and leadership development. We accept these challenges and vow to develop the work of God in Nepal. To learn more about us you can visit UMC Nepal on Facebook.

Meena Moktan Thakali is chairperson of the Ministries Committee on Women, Youth and Children for The United Methodist Church of Nepal.

Last Updated: 04/10/2014

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