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Mission Giving

Members Continue Dedicated Giving

Martha Knight Asks Directors to Envision their Legacy

By Leigh Rogers


As the Women’s Division studies funds endowed to United Methodist Women over the last 140 years, Treasurer Martha Knight asked directors to imagine what future members would say about their lasting legacy.

Through endowments and a look back at the work of United Methodist Women over time, members have always been enthusiastic advocates for supporting communities in need, whether at home or abroad. 

We can attribute this to God, she says. “The presence and characteristics of United Methodist Women through the decades, from becoming a worthy organization to a passionate organization is God. We haven’t accomplished these things, but God through us and our foremothers. We’re doing the same today. There is much to accomplish. How will we do it? We will not. God will.”

“This is why it’s so exciting to be handed the history of those before us,” Ms. Knight said. “Their work has been handed down through endowments to mission, leaving even wider and longer legacy. Meaning that they not only changed lives but influenced lives from their day to ours and far into the future.”

This is apparent in today’s giving by current members, as well, says Ms. Knight. Their gifts continue to witness to the love of Christ, “more compelling against the backdrop of a poor economic climate.”

Operating Revenues

Total Operating Revenues through August of 2011 decreased 1.9 million (12.9 percent), from the same period in 2010 to $12.58 million.  This was due to the fact that Assembly was held in 2010, and not again in 2011.

Mission Giving is down 2.5 percent, to $5.3 million, but 3 percent of pledges was anticipated.

Publication, Rental Income and Other Revenues is down but last year income was skewed positively because of Assembly. 

Three out of the 5 categories of Mission Giving stay constant, while Pledge to Mission is down, to $4.41 million, and Gift to Mission is up to $200,000.

Designated Giving decreased by $187,000, to $730,000. A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial and Brighter Future for Children and Youth remained flat from last year.

Operating Expenditures

Operating Expenditures decreased $1.58, to a total of $19.30 million. While that is  $6.22 million more than revenues, it is common for this part of year when many pledges come in at the end of the year, said Ms. Knight.

Grant expenditures increased to $3 million from $2.54 million due to grants going to national mission institutions last year.

Property expenses increased $82,000  as the Women’s Division  maintains buildings owned by United Methodist Women, occupied by our national mission institutions.

Administrative costs decreased by $64,000 as staff continues to maintain efficiency and stewardship of mission funds.

Effects on Net Assets

Declined Investments of $1.1 million was a result of stock market declines this year. Endowment and Sales Properties increased by $1.33 million.

Total Net Assets

Net Assets increased by $6.48  million, to $60.6 million.

Ms. Knight insisted the gifts from members and our responsibility for stewardship of these funds is God working through us. “There is much to accomplish. How will we do it? We will not. God will.”

Leigh Rogers is the Public Relations and Web Content Associate for United Methodist Women.

Last Updated: 04/10/2014

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