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Never Too Late: Mission at Any Age

By Jeannie Boese

When I was newly married and in a new church, I was called and asked to bring a pie to the annual bazaar. I didn’t bake pies, but I did sew, so I sewed something instead and went to help set up. Someone invited me to a United Methodist Women Christmas party. A member of the circle named Mildred Gum insisted that I come again in January. I did. I continued to attend the meetings. She also said I should go to the unit meetings, which always started with a lunch.

Mildred told me I should go to the School of Christian Mission that summer. (I never could say no to Mildred.) She said I could apply for a scholarship from the district since I had never been before. I was very uncertain about it all and decided to just go to the two day mini school. I don’t remember that I knew anyone else who was going, except Mildred. I was rather afraid, but I went. I had no idea what a “plenary” was, until I went to one. I had such a great time that I continued to go again until my first son was born. I didn’t go when my children were very young, but I did become unit president and went to Assembly in Kansas City, between sons #2 and #3, also at Mildred’s urging.

My mother had often invited me to go to her circle with her. I never did. I thought it was just a bunch of old ladies. I wish I had gone with her! While my circle friends, and most members of United Methodist Women, were considerably older than I, I found they were a wonderful group of women, and our age differences didn’t matter.

Jeannie Boese is active in United Methodist Women through Klamath Falls United Methodist Church and the Oregon-Idaho Conference

Last Updated: 04/12/2014

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