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Glitter, Glue and Barbecue

Pikeville United Methodist Church Hosts a “Bazaar That Reaches Far”

By Christine Wotowiec

Hints of glitter can still be found months after Pikeville United Methodist Women’s “Bazaar That Reaches Far,” a fundraising bazaar for missions held at Pikeville United Methodist Church in Pikeville, Tenn. Each year it seems that the list of missions my local United Methodist Women wants to support grows longer and longer. Missions near, far, local, district, global—how can we help in a greater capacity? Our average Sunday church attendance at Pikeville United Methodist Church is about 75. Our United Methodist Women has an average meeting attendance of about 15. Could we expand the list of missions we support?

After much perseverance, planning and prayer, in November 2010 my United Methodist Women group hosted a church craft bazaar for missions. The bazaar featured handmade crafts, Christmas crafts, homemade baked goods and candies and more. The men’s group hosted a barbeque lunch for the busy shoppers. With a lot of glitter and glue, yarn and fabric, the bazaar was successful, and we were able to add more missions to our list.

Once that spirit got working in us, my small-town church was able to come up with big-town proceeds. The bazaar, mission pledges and other small fundraisers brought my United Methodist Women’s year-end total to more than $11,500! From that we distributed the money to more than 17 missions, ranging from Pikeville, Tenn., to Turkey. It definitely was the “Bazaar That Reaches Far.”

The fellowship has been great, and the learning experience has honed our skills for other endeavors. Thank God for hearing our prayers for wanting to serve more dynamically.

Prayer and perseverance were the first steps to providing us with the stamina to reach out to so many. The enthusiasm has become contagious and exciting. The congregation is working on other mission projects as well. Many of the United Methodist Women members are helping to serve in these projects as well. The church has an “open table” free lunch offered to anyone who needs a warm meal. It is served in our fellowship hall once a month and has been well received in the community. The congregation is also working together to provide monthly free dinners that are served on site at a local housing complex.

Everyone has been blessed through this outreach. The spirit continues to grow and the ideas to flow, and to think it all started with glitter, glue and barbecue.

Christine Wotowiec is a member of United Methodist Women at Pikeville United Methodist Church in Pikeville, Tenn. Photos from Christine Wotowiec.

Last Updated: 04/12/2014

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